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bagsConsigning at Emotional Outlet is easy and fun and profitable.  Please click here to read my official consignment terms.

Here are the highlights:

Appointments are required for new consignors. Please call Michele to make one 518 224 8886

When you bring in your items I will do a quick inspection while you are here.  Anything I can’t use in the shop you will take with you when you leave.

To save time and effort take a look at these guidelines:

  1. items must be clean – free of pet hair, stains, odors of any kind including Febreeze.  Shoes must be free of mud/dirt including the soles and in between treads.  It’s a good idea to give them a shine before you bring them.
  2. Items must be in excellent repair:  no holes, snags, pills, missing buttons, broken zippers etc. , signs of wear or too many times through the wash
  3. Items must have merit, the design, fabric, and/or brand must be a cut above the mundane.  I do not take Target or Walmart brands, Route 66, Xhileration, Alfred Dunner.   If you can buy it at Salvation Army for .99, I won’t be able to try to sell it for you here.
  4. Vintage items are MOST appreciated.  By vintage I mean anything from the early 90s or before.
  5. I’d rather they were NOT on hangers when you bring them, unless you have hard clear plastic hangers that you want to give me.

Split is 50/50 for items that sell for under $50.01 in the store, 55 store /45 you for items that sell on line.  For split on higher value items  (and lots of other details) , please see my official consignment terms document.

Your items will ‘expire’ after four months. After four months unsold items will be donated to charity. Please monitor you inventory on and make arrangements in advance or your expiration date if you wish to pick up your expired items.


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