Black and White

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Marie’s collection is now stored in a small one bedroom apartment down the street from my vintage clothing store.   The afternoon sun bounces off a large white 19th century office building across the street and fills the apartment with the most beautiful light.  My hope had been to store all of Marie’s things in the living room and kitchen and use the bedroom as a natural light photo studio.  Turns out, the collection is too large for that.

The kitchen and living room and bedroom are currently filled with racks, and shelves, cartons and wardrobe boxes.  The racks are groaning with closely packed coats, dress, suits and blouses.  Shoes, hats, sweaters, pants, lingerie, and handbags are stored in the boxes and cartons.  And in the bedroom is one large pile of hangable clothes lying on the floor, I just don’t have enough racks!   Everything is covered with sheets to protect it from dust and light.    It’s not pretty.

I will post some pictures of the scene if I can get any that are not too offputting.

I have two immediate priorities.

1. Start listing things for sale and

2. Get the hats and bags free from their boxes.  These boxes were packed in haste by my three men who, lovely strong men that they were, probably didn’t pack them with the obsessive care that I would have used.   I want these treasures safe as quickly as possible.

Two nights ago I got one box of bags unpacked and re-stored on a shelving unit I set up.  Yesterday I got several boxes of hats unpacked and put them on the shelving unit too.  I made some fun discoveries and will do a posting on that soon.

And in the past month I’ve gone through a couple of boxes of lingerie and sweaters and I’ve listed a few dresses in my Etsy shop.  I’ll explain how I ‘process’ a garment from ‘discovery’ to sale/ship at some point.  But for today I thought it would be fun to show five Black and White cocktail dresses.

Sack DressHere’s a simple with a twist sleeveless silk cocktail dress in a Black and White silhouette like print. The shoulders of the dress are made from multiple tubes of the printed silk. A bib made the same way adorns the front of the dress. Other than that the dress is a simple fitted sheath. It has a metal zipper in the center back.The dress is beautifully made. Inside the dress is lined in white nylon fabric. The labels says “Exclusively by Bette-Marr Originals Miami Beach”

This is a black and white checked sack dress from the 1960s. The straight style and ruffled neck and hem do all the work.  I would wear this with a sleek modern cuff,  black patent leather pumps and diamond studs.

The dress is by “Rosalee for the woman who cares, avenue J Booklyn”. the fabric is silk twill. It is lined in black. There is a zipper in the center back.

This gorgeous dress has an outer layer of floaty black chiffon, under that is a taffeta dress in white with large black roses. And under that is a stiff tulle crinoline. The chiffon is pleated at the waist for beautiful not bulky fullness and has a buckling self belt for finish and definition at the waist. The neckline is high and slightly cowled and inside the cowl is a weight to help it keep it’s pretty soft folds. The dress has a long wide chiffon scarf attached to the right shoulder.  How fun it would be to wear this! The dress has a center back metal zipper.

il_570xN.435221722_1yezThis one is a very simple silk cocktail dress in a Black and White print. The dress has an attached front belt of two twisted tubes of the silk anchored at each end with a charming dense resin or plastic floral button in white. Other than that the dress is a simple fitted sheath. It has a metal zipper in the center back and pockets on the front hips, the pocket openings are just below the white flower buttons.The dress is beautifully made. The dress is underlined in white fabric. It has a waist stay on which is printed the brand name “Molly Parris”. There are no other labels in the dress.

Ok so this one is Black and Beige, but mostly black.  It is a sleeveless black silk jacquard cocktail shift dress featuring contrasting beige trim at neckline, armholes and pocket openings. The trim at the pockets is in the form of chinese symbols. At the hem, there are 7″ slits at either side. The dress has an elasticized waist line and a buckling self belt . It close at center back with a metal zipper. The dress is fully lined in rayon.It was made by Burce Arnold Limited in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong.

 That’s is for now.  Hopefully I’ll make another posting soon. I have a lot to learn about blogging!